2020 GMC Savana Release date, Redesign

The current generation of this van seems old, even for the standards among commercial vehicles. So, we are hearing more and more rumors about the possible redesign, which could happen already for the next year, for the 2020 GMC Savana model. The current generation, with some modifications, is present on the market for full 15 years and some refresh would definitely be a good move. At the moment, it’s nothing more than a speculation. Still, we can hear a lot of interesting things about the potentially upcoming new model. Latest reports suggest many novelties, including some completely new design approaches. According to those rumors, it won’t be surprised to see 2020 Savana already in the next year.

2020 GMC Savana front view

2020 GMC Savana Redesign

Rumors about the new model are numerous, which is no wonder, considering that the current generation is present for a pretty long time. Of course, the core of the new model would be a completely new platform. The current-generation Savana rides on the old GMT 610, which is a pretty archaic architecture, considering standards of the current automotive industry. With the upcoming model, we will definitely see a huge technological jump. Although there have have been various rumors about the T1 platform, the new 2020 GMC Savana will most likely be one of the first vehicles to get a completely new version of the VSS-T platform, pretty much the same one that will underprint the next-generation Chevy Colorado.

Of course, you can expect lots of benefits with the new chassis and complete design. First of all, count on significant weight savings, which will in a combination with new and more efficiency definitely provide better efficiency, which in practice means higher mpg ratings. Of course, count also on things like better payload capacity, more rigidity etc.

2020 GMC Savana side view

2020 GMC Savana Exterior and Interior Design

Along with lots of technical improvements, the new 2020 GMC Savana will also come with a long list of novelties in terms of exterior and interior design. The current model definitely shows its age, so we expect to see a completely new styling, with a completely new face. Most likely, it will be something to resemble the current generation Silverado, of course with lots of unique details.

Latest reports suggest that the new van will come in both cargo and passenger variants. In the first case, count on several version, with different volumes and payload capacities. Passenger variants should also come in a couple of versions, with different seating capacities and similar things. Also, expect to see a significant upgrade in terms of dashboard design and overall cabin layout. Expect a lot of new design elements, controls inspired by the newest GMC truck and similar things. Also, count on a lot of newest tech features.

2020 GMC Savana interior

2020 GMC Savana Engines

Without any doubt, the new 2020 GMC Savana will turn to more efficient engines. Instead of large V8 units, we will see efficient four- and six-cylinder engines. We are pretty sure that the base model will come with a new 2.7-liter turbo inline-four engine, which is good for about 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. An optional engine should be a new-generation V6, which is still about to debut.

Finally, expect at least one diesel engine in the offer. Of course, a 2.8-liter Duramax comes first to our minds. It delivers around 180 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. All engines should come paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

2020 GMC Savana Release Date

At the moment, the 2020 GMC Savana is just a speculation. We are still waiting for the official confirmation. So, despite many reports about the next-year redesign, it won’t be a surprise to see a few-years delay at all.