2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Review

According to the latest reports, the U.S. carmaker once again plans to once again design a solar-electric MPV vehicle, this time as 2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi. The current generation of the C-Max, in on the market for about eight years and everyone is talking about its redesign. Along with the new Focus-based MPV, many enthusiasts expect to see the Solar Energy version as well. There are even numerous reports that suggest such a scenario. Still, it remains unclear will the version is about to come as a concept car once again, or we are about to see something more. In any case, we expect to see further development of the system that might look too complicated at the moment but definitely is a great idea.

2020 ford c max solar energi front view

2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Design

When it comes to the base design characteristics, we expect to see a Focus-based MPV once again. The 2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi won’t be built on purpose. It will rather be a modified version of the new, third-generation of the popular model. In terms of dimensions, overall shape, proportions and other characteristics, there shouldn’t bee too many differences compared to standard models. Just a solar panel on the roof and a proper electric motor. Quite simple, someone would say. However, things are a little bit complicated.

2020 ford c max solar energi

The main issue with the previous concept from 2014 was in terms of gaining enough energy for the move. If you expect to see a car that can charge in the move, we must disappoint you with the fact that such design still seems like a distant future. The problem in the fact that a common car needs way too much energy, something that would require a far bigger solar panel surface. At the moment, charging when parked seems like a logical solution. Still, keep in mind that the previous concept wasn’t quite able to get enough energy to provide a decent range, even on sunny days. In the best case, a whole day of charging was enough for something like 20 miles.

2020 ford c max solar energi interior

So, besides solar panels, a common cord charging was offered as well. We expect to see the same from the 2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi. The biggest difference should be in newer-generation solar panels, which would be able to gather more energy. Other than that, the things should remain pretty much the same.

2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Styling

In terms of styling, we don’t expect from 2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi to go far away from standard internal-combustion models. The new model should keep familiar proportions and come with evolutionary changes. This means a familiar shape but in a new suit, following the brand’s newest design language. Expect to see something pretty similar to what we saw on the recently redesigned Focus. This means a new face, with slightly reshaped headlights and grille. Count also on a completely new bumper that includes bigger air intakes and different fog lights. Same goes for the interior design. The 2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi will stick to the Focus-like dashboard design. It keeps a lot of analog controls, in opposition to the current trend in the automotive industry.

2020 ford c max solar energi rear view

2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Production

At the moment, it is hard to say is there a chance to see the 2020 Ford C-Max Solar Energi in serial production, or it is about to stay in a concept form once again. Moreover, we are even waiting for the official confirmation of the concept. In any case, this model will show further evolution in this aspect of the automotive industry. Also, we could see its application in a little bit different way. For example, something similar to what we can see in Toyota Prius family, where solar panels gather energy for interior systems like climate control, audio system etc.

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