2019 Opel Meriva Release in the US?

Cooperation between GM and Opel resulted with Meriva minivan appearing in South America with Chevy badge. Also, we can find it as a Vauxhall Meriva in the UK, but the most markets offer it with lightning logo. The last edition of the MPV was in 2017 and it should come back as the brand-new 2019 Opel Meriva. The upcoming minivan will share a lot in common with the new Opel Crossland X crossover SUV. Some even consider it as Meriva’s successor. But, this vehicle takes a position in other class, so we can take it as the replacement.

The 2019 Opel Meriva will continue the tradition. With Zafira, these are two best-selling minivans from the German company. We saw the first Meriva back in 2003. In 2010 it started a new generation. Now, the third series is on the way, probably with Meriva C nameplate. This is a usual nomenclature in Opel family. New generations are given letter order instead of numbers. Previous two generations were Meriva A and Meriva B.

2019 Opel Meriva front view

2019 Opel Meriva vs Opel Crossland X

Opel Crossland X is taking a position in the compact crossover segment. Some experts consider it as a replacement of the Meriva. However, these are different types of vehicles, although crossover SUVs offer similar skills. That is why this class is the major threat to the MPV segment.

Well, the return of 2019 Opel Meriva confirms the reports were fake. The minivan continues to be an excellent solution for transporting five passengers and their cargo. The new model could increase the seating room to seven. Also, the commercial vehicle could be an alternative option for the new, C generation.

2019 Opel Meriva Specs

We must admit there are reasons why some say the 2019 Opel Meriva and Crossland X are the same vehicles. Well, these two will be close siblings that use the same drivetrain.

2019 Opel Meriva side view

First one is a 1.2-liter unit. This plain engine is capable to produce 80 horsepower. Ecotec turbo version adds more power. In such configuration, the 2019 Opel Meriva will be able to put up 110 hp. Top of the class models with such engine is 1.2 Turbo and their output is 130 hp.

That is the most powerful unit in the lineup since a 1.6-liter four-cylinder drivetrain is not using turbochargers. Two different setups of this engine can deliver either 100 or 120 ponies. Transmission is a five- or six-speed manual, or six-speed automatic.

2019 Opel Meriva Redesign

To be competitive, the 2019 Opel Meriva will have to improve many things. Compact minivans with five seats have no chance nowadays against other vehicles. Their fuel economy and cargo space advantages are not enough. So, the new generation of the MPV will probably include an additional row of seats. Also, more infotainment features and extra accessories should draw attention from younger buyers.

Outside, the new look will wait for buyers. The old Meriva was pretty ugly, and only radical cuts could make it survive. We can see some concepts and renders, but no official word is spoken.

2019 Opel Meriva interior

2019 Opel Meriva Release in the US?

Opel is not considering launching this minivan in the major market in the world. The competition there is much tougher, with larger engines and hybrid systems. So, the 2019 Opel Meriva will stick to European and UK markets. We still don’t know if it will appear behind Chevrolet or Opel badge in South America. Also, the German carmaker could bring the MPV to other markets, probably South Africa and Australia.

2019 Opel Meriva rear view


The 2019 Opel Meriva will be a very affordable option in the minivan segment, although it heads into a new generation. The base compact MPV will cost under 15,000 euro (13,000 pounds or $17,000). With some options, such as the 1.6-liter engine, the price will go higher. But, it is still much cheaper than the leading vehicles in this category on the US soil – Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, and American minivans.