2019 Kia Carens Review, Price, Egypt, Specs

On today’s market overflowed by crossovers, minivans are still quite rare species. Still, it looks like one of the major manufacturers doesn’t give up that easily and that we are about to see another interesting vehicle of this kind in the U.S. market. We are talking about the 2019 Kia Carens. If you are not familiar with this nameplate, that’s because it was never used for any model in North America. In parts of the world like Korea and South East Asia, this nameplate has been around for years. One of its previous version was present in the United States for a couple of years, under the Ronde name.

However, it was discontinued pretty quickly, due to slow sales. However, the model remains available in Canada for some time more. Nowadays, the company is about to take another try with it. We are about to see a completely new vehicle, which will be slotted under the excellent Sedona, and probably will feature just two rows of seating in its base variant. The new modes will be presented as the next generation in rest of the worlds.

2019 Kia Carens

2019 Kia Carens Redesign

These kinds of vehicles may not be so frequent in North America, but drivers from other parts of the world highly appreciate its excellent balance between size and comfort. Known as MPVs, these vehicles are particularly popular in Europe and Asia. On the other side, North American drivers prefer something a little bit bigger, something that is known as a minivan.

In this segment, Kia already offers Sedona in this part of the world. The new 2019 Kia Carens will sit below, as an entry-level compact MPV. It is still quite early to talk about some more precise design characteristics, but we are pretty sure that the new model will have a lot of things in common with the recently redesigned Kia Forte. Two models will ride on the same platform and chassis setup. This sedan is still very fresh and it will serve as an excellent mechanical basis for the new MPV.

2019 Kia Carens side view

2019 Kia Carens Styling

On the other side, the styling will be the dividing point of these two models. While the Forte is a classic sedan or liftback, the new 2019 Kia Carens will come in a classic MPV shape. Without any doubt, it will feature familiar van-like proportions, while the company is left to make the new vehicle appealing with the use of the newest styling elements. The brand’s newest design is pretty conservative. It looks like the Korean manufacturer is playing on safe these days. The 2019 Kia Carens won’t be a surprise. Expect a familiar front face, of course, a little bit stretched dut to the MPV shape, but familiar styling cues will be there.

2019 Kia Carens Interior

Korean engineers already proved themselves as great designers of minivans, so we have no doubt the new 2019 Kia Carens will also be a great car. Of course, the most important aspect of these vehicles is interior design and comfort. We have no doubt that designers will but a lot of effort in making a hi-quality cabin. This refers to many things, including materials, which should be at a high level. Also, count on a high level of comfort. This MPV will come with just two rows of seating in its base version, which promises a lot of legroom, along with a decent cargo capacity. Count on the optional third row, as well as on second-row captain’s chairs in highest trim levels. Therefore, you can easily conclude that the seating capacity will be for 5, 6 or 7 people, depending on the version you choose.

Besides the spacious and comfortable cabin, the 2019 Kia Carens will also come with lots of tech features, especially those family-friendly features. This primarily refers to various connectivity features and gadgetry. Those are things like Bluetooth, USB ports in each row of seating, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless charging and much more.

2019 Kia Carens interior

2019 Kia Carens Engines

Considering the relationship with new Forte, we expect to see the same engine lineup in the offer. This would include three gasoline engines. Base models would probably come with a familiar 1.6-liter inline-four, which is good for about 125 horsepower. A bigger 2.0-liter unit will be in the offer as well, with its max output of 145 horsepower. Still, both units are older-generation engines, so if you want some real efficiency, a new 1.4-liter turbo inline-four would be the best choice by far. This engine delivers around 200 horsepower. In Europe and some other parts of the world, we expect to see a familiar 1.6-liter diesel in the offer as well. This engine delivers around 135 horses but, more importantly, provides amazing mpg ratings.

2019 Kia Carens rear view

2019 Kia Carens Release Date and Price

Most likely, the new 2019 Kia Carens will come sometime in the next year. The exact price is still a mystery, though many reports suggest something like 20.000 dollars for base models.