2019 Ford Transit Wagon Specs and Capabilities

Ford Transit Passenger Van or 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is a unique van in the market. This compact commercial vehicle could also be turned into a passenger van. But, when we say wagon, the primary function is transporting people. Although it was a European van, huge success made Ford bring it across the ocean. Since 2010 US buyers are buying it for their commercial needs.

The 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is not changing things up in this lineup. Same as its predecessor, it brings the most updates inside the cabin. There are five rows of seats for 15 passengers. The minivan is offering three engines. Finally, Ford paid a lot of attention to safety. All modern features are part of the standard offer for 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Specs

The base drivetrain for the 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is a 3.7-liter V6 unit with the capability to produce 275 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. It is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. A RWD is standard. Other engines are using the same configurations. A turbocharged V6 can make more power. Its outputs are 310 hp and 400 pound-feet through the same transmission. It is a 3.5-liter displacement. The last is the least potent engine. A 3.2-liter turbodiesel returns better mileage, but creates only 185 hp. It makes up things with high torque output – 350 lb-ft. All-wheel drive is not an option for 2019 Ford Transit Wagon, whose towing capacity is 7,500 pounds.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Interior

Front seats are a highlight of this van. There is plenty of space for legs and head. Also, storage compartments are numerous, so there is space for various small items up front. The 2019 Ford Transit Wagon offers a room for 15 persons. The company didn’t stash this vehicle with too many seats. So, all 15 comes with plenty of comfort.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon interior


All high vans receive poor scores for rollover safety. Well, the 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is not too different. With 2 out of 5 stars, we could say there is a room for improvement. But, if the chance exists, Ford and other van-makers would grab it. Besides that, the 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is pretty safe. It receives a 5-star rating for side crash and 4 stars for frontal impact. Base models are not offering blind-spot monitors or rear-parking sensors. However, we will find stability control and a rear-view camera right from the start.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon side view

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Accessories

One of the major downside of the 2019 Ford Transit Wagon is lack of a premium touch. The van comes with cloth and vinyl upholstery and power windows. As standard features, there are also air-conditioning and a rear-view camera. For more, buyers must pay extra. Navigation and a 6.5-inch infotainment system are in the offer, as well as the premium audio system. Of course, upper trim levels offer leather seats and upholstery.

2019 Ford Transit Wagon rear view

2019 Ford Transit Wagon Configurations and Price

The 2019 Ford Transit Wagon, or Passenger Wagon, is available in different roof and length configurations, as well as trim levels. The base van comes with low roof, regular wheelbase, and XL trim. That will cost a buyer of such configuration $36,000. Medium roof adds $1,500 in combination with regular wheelbase. Long wheelbase is available with low, medium, and high roof, while extended wheelbase can be combined with high roof only. All these configurations have two trim levels for Passenger van. XL is the base one, and the XLT costs $1,300 more. This trim level with extended wheelbase and high roof costs over $45,000.

Powerstroke 3.2-liter diesel engine boosts the price for $4k, and 3.5-liter V6 unit adds about $2,000 over the base price.