2019 Ford Grand C-Max Changes, Interior

“Grand” stands for a larger version of the standard Ford C-Max MPV. It comes with more space and seven seats compared to the standard model. Changes on the 2019 Ford Grand C-Max are not radical, but these will refresh the appearance of the minivan.

It does not matter if they are used, it is important that they exist. Well, although seats in the last row are rarely in function, or even never, every third buyer of a compact van decides to pick a version for seven passengers. It is a good reason for drivers to own a new 2019 Ford Grand C-Max.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Changes

The new model for next season will refresh some parts of its predecessor. The old grille gets new details for a fresh look. Head- and taillights are the same. Larger air vents and narrower hood will boost aerodynamics. Finally, the sliding doors will be more functional and easier to use.


The 2019 Ford Grand C-Max is a good compromise between the shorter version and the big S-Max. It is still long, and at the same time costs more for the same engine and similar equipment. It is clear that the seven-seat layout cannot be taken so seriously. As a matter of fact, the two seats in the last row can only take children. The entrance and exit of the vehicle are way better for 2019 Grand C-Max, thanks to sliding side doors. These are very easy to operate.

In a five-seat configuration, the Grand C-Max has a relatively modest 432 liters of cargo space. This is practically the same volume as the regular C-Max. the boot of the trunk is higher on the Grand model. However, the 7-seat version cuts the storage room to 115 liters. Well, this is a big downside for an almost useless third row.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Specs

The 2019 Ford Grand C-Max will provide an excellent compromise between efficiency and comfort.  This is especially notable when minivan gets power by a 2.0 TDCi engine. Gearbox is a robust double-clutch transmission. Gears are changing automatically. In some markets, the Grand C-Max is available with a manual gearbox.

Other engine options are 1.0-liter with 100 hp or 125 hp. Turbodiesel units are 1.5-liter with 120 hp, and already mentioned 2.0-liter, with 150 hp. Combined driving with the most powerful version returns 60 mpg (UK).

2019 Ford Grand C-Max side view

Driving Impression

Owners had only words of praise for comfort. Drivers feel great at their workplace. If he did not know that he was in 2019 Ford Grand C-Max minivan, anyone could swear he was in a limousine. A vertically positioned leather steering wheel with a small diameter has a fairly low position just enhance the impression.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max Price

In the end, in order to give a final rating, we must take the price into account. The 2019 Ford Grand C-Max, depending on the market, ranges between 17,000 and 28,000 euros. The cheapest versions are carrying a 1.0-liter engine. The most expensive is carrying the biggest drivetrain. Buyers in the UK, where the popularity of the Ford Grand C-Max is at peak, will find three trim levels. The entry-level is Zetec. More equipment comes with Titanium, and the top of the class model is Titanium X. It costs 23,000 pounds or about 26,000 euros.

2019 Ford Grand C-Max rear view


Bigger, more spacious, more convenient and comfortable than five-seat minivans, the 2019 Ford Grand C-Max will be a more logical choice. Partially – because of its higher price, sturdier driving dynamics, and the lower agility, puts the standard model in advantage. After all, bosses in Ford predict that base C-Max will make two-thirds of sales. The Grand C-Max is going to be an interesting alternative for larger families.