2019 Ford Galaxy Facelift, Interior, Release

The 2019 Ford Galaxy, S-Max, and Ford Mondeo are vehicles from different classes and markets, but they share some updates next season. Galaxy minivan is very popular in Europe. It gets a new diesel engine. That will happen for its siblings as well. The new engine brings new transmission systems and the complete ride is going to be smoother and fun.

Stylish updates are waiting for top trims. The base units will be pretty much the same, with minor changes on the body. Well, the interior of the 2019 Ford Galaxy must be updated with new features and systems. New colors are also possible. Buyers in the UK will see the new version of the minivan. The company is going to launch Galaxy Vignale as the new top offer. It will bring similar features as S-Max MPV.

2019 Ford Galaxy front view

2019 Ford Galaxy Specs

There will be both petrol and diesel engines available in 2019 Ford Galaxy. Buyers will have to pick one out of six drivetrains. The base model is using a 1.5-liter petrol engine. It is not too powerful, but it is not weak either. Thanks to a turbocharger, it can develop 160 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. Another petrol option is a 2.0-liter turbo-four with the output of 240 hp. Models with this engine will be the most expensive in the lineup.

More powerful gasoline unit is offering more horses than the most potent diesel. Well, that is one 2.0-liter engine with four different variations. Everything starts with a 120 hp-rated engine. Well, versions with 150 and 180 ponies are the best-selling in the entire lineup. Top of the range engine is creating 210 hp. However, buyers avoid it because of the high starting price it sets for 2019 Ford Galaxy.

2019 Ford Galaxy rear view

Transmission and Fuel Economy

A six-speed manual gearbox remains the standard option for a minivan. Previously, buyers could pick up a six-speed automatic. However, now in its place is an eight-speed transfer case. It will provide a smoother ride and better fuel economy.

The base, petrol engine can return under 6.5 l/100km (43 mpg UK). Another gasoline engine is consuming the most fuel, with rating 8 l/100 km (35 mpg) for its 240 hp.

Diesel is fuel-friendlier. The best mpg return we get from the least powerful unit. It consumes only 5 l/100 km. That is incredible 56 mpg combined. With 150 hp this diesel mill offers raises consumption for 0.5 l (51 mpg). Another 30 horses will cost driver 0.4 liters per 100 km (49 mpg). The most powerful diesel is the only one that consumes over 6 l/100 km. Its rating will be 6.2 (46 mpg).

2019 Ford Galaxy top view

2019 Ford Galaxy Vignale

Top of the range model for the 2019 Ford Galaxy will be Vignale again. This version is using the most powerful units and coming with the latest infotainment systems. Also, visual upgrades are going to provide a distinctive look with eye-catching details. Special colors for the next season are Diffuse Silver and Chrome Blue. There are also red calipers on brakes, like for some ST models in Ford family. Inside, the 2019 Galaxy will come with a noise cancellation and special treatment of the seats. At first sight, everyone will know why this model is so attractive to younger buyers.

2019 Ford Galaxy Interior

2019 Ford Galaxy Price

The new 2019 Ford Galaxy will cost from 31,000 pounds (34,000 euro). That is the base model with the standard setup. Every more powerful unit will bump the price. Well, whatever starting option you pick, you won’t go over 40,000 pounds (45,000 euro).


Volkswagen Sharan is the biggest competitor to the 2019 Ford Galaxy. The German carmaker is dominant in Europe. Seat Alhambra and Renault Grand Scenic are popular in some countries, but overall, the Galaxy makes more sales. With new refreshments, the Blue Oval company will try to improve its chances and get closer to its main rival.