2019 Ford C-Max Changes and Price

After more than 15 years the C-Max minivan could be discontinued. Sale numbers are not great. The company even tried to push it with an Energi model, but it seems like they didn’t succeed. Well, they will give this car another chance. The 2019 Ford C-Max will bring some changes that could change bosses’ opinions.

The hybrid engine is still expensive to develop. Although Ford’s plans are to add more similar models to its lineup, it seems like some hybrids will be discontinued. Besides 2019 Ford C-Max, the company will have few more minivans that could take its drivetrain as an optional model. There are B-Max and Transit, as well as Transit Connect.

2019 Ford C-Max front view

2019 Ford C-Max Specs

The 2019 Ford C-Max Hybrid is using a 2.0-liter engine as the base. Engineers are adding an electric motor to boost output and gas mileage. This combo is good for 190 hp and 130 pound-feet of torque. This minivan is ideal for city driving since it returns 43 mpg. On highways, drivers can be sure the rating is not dropping under 37 mpg. The Hybrid version doesn’t need a recharge, only a refuel.

2019 Ford C-Max hybrid

C-Max Energi

The 2019 Ford C-Max Energi is the special version that can run by using only electric energy. However, drivers won’t go too far with the range being only 20 miles. Whatsoever, you can always switch to standard driving and the battery will recharge during the drive. It will do slow. The other option is to plug it on 240-V outlet and the Energi model will recharge its power in just 2.5 hours. It takes more than six hours with the standard 120-volt outlet.

2019 Ford C-Max side view

2019 Ford C-Max Not Discontinued

Ford is definitely replacing the C-Max Hybrid and Energi models. However, the initial plan was to launch the substitute in 2019, but the premiere is moved for the following year. The replacement is not ready yet, so the company decides to bring 2019 Ford C-Max for another season.

But, the discontinuation of the compact minivan is almost here. Ford is going to introduce a new all-electric vehicle by 2020. According to plans, the range of the new model will be almost 500 miles. This is a very attractive and demanding project, but if someone can pull it off, that is the Blue Oval company.

2019 Ford C-Max specs

2019 Ford C-Max Changes

There won’t be big modifications for the 2019 Ford C-Max. Since its end is near, the company is going to bring over most of the features we can see on the current edition. Well, the C-Max doesn’t lack anything. It is just its class which is not popular nowadays. The minivan is another victim of the rising crossover segment that replaces MPVs in every way. Also, crossovers are safer and more powerful than minivans.

The 2019 Ford C-Max will offer two-zone climate control, parking camera, and adjustable driver seat in 10 ways. Upper trims can bring Sync3 infotainment system and an 8-inch touchscreen display. Sony is delivering premium, nine-speaker audio system. Besides standard features across all trim levels, the 2019 C-Max will have additional packages. Driver Assist package and Park Assist are two basic sets, while there are also options to add moonroof and navigation.

2019 Ford C-Max interior

2019 Ford C-Max Release Date

The 2019 Ford C-Max will be used to spend more time until its replacement arrives. The US carmaker is not going to rush with it. Although the info is not official, some rumors say the minivan will arrive early in 2019. By the end of the year, fans will see an all-electric replacement as the 2020 year model.

The 2019 Ford C-Max will keep the pricing from the current edition. That means the Hybrid version starts from $25,000 and Energi costs $28,000. If you decide to add Titanium trim level, you will have to pay $3,000 for each version of 2019 C-Max.