2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Review

Although many experts wrote off chances for 2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi to come, this vehicle could finally enter the production. After a success of the regular MPV, the Blue Oval company made another step to the electrification of this model. But, this time it is something totally different. Solar panels are a source of power for the new vehicle. And the first one to get such feature could be C-Max minivan.

The MPV is already using a hybrid drivetrain. The new generation is about to introduce an all-electric battery that will give power. To be even greener and efficient, engineers in Ford will try to obtain energy through solar panels. Well, the obvious downside is efficiency in not so sunny regions.

2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi front view

2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Electric System and Solar Panels

By 2030 all of Ford’s vehicles will have at least one model with a hybrid, PHEV, or all-electric engine. This process starts already next year with first vehicles rolling out the factory lines. There will be flagship models, such as F-150 truck and Mustang pony car. But, these will be hybrids. More plug-in hybrid cars are about to be launched, as well as EVs. But, the 2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi is specific because of its recharge.

First of all, it uses the all-electric battery, without the support of a petrol unit. In PHEV models, the gasoline engine is the one that recharges the electric unit during the drive. Well, this is not enough for a complete charging, so these vehicles need to be plugged in. Electric vehicles don’t have a power support by a gasoline motor. The 2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi will get a similar approach as a PHEV, but it will use only an electric energy. So, the combination will be good to deliver clean power, and still, it will recharge through a solar energy.

2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi rear view


As soon as the Concept was presented in Detroit in 2014, experts did a calculation on how much power solar panels can gather. The sun can give about 2.16 kWh per day. Averaged consumption of electric cars in 2014 was 7.5 kWh. That means the 2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi would get almost 30 percent of needed power from its panels. The good thing is that even when you don’t drive the vehicle, it still can recharge the energy, of course, if it is exposed to the sun. Also, the Solar Energi is cool because you need to take a close look to see these are solar panels and not some kind of a carbon-fiber roof.

Ford C-Max Might be Discontinued

Rumors about the discontinuation of the regular C-Max multi-purpose vehicle are the main reason why experts believe there is no future for the Solar Energy concept. Well, this platform is already accepted. On the other hand, it is not easy to convert such idea to the production vehicle. But, if anyone can pull it off, that is Ford.

The fact is – minivan and sedan segment is losing the battle against crossovers. The company plans to cut Fusion, Focus, and Mondeo nameplates. Similar faith is waiting for Ford C-Max if something radical doesn’t change. Well, we consider 2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi as the independent model that only uses the body of C-Max. However, some other vehicle can take over the idea and implement it. Would it be Escape crossover, or some bigger SUV, the question is still open.

2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi specs

2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi Release Date

There are still a lot of doubts about the 2019 Ford C-Max Solar Energi. However, the Blue Oval company could launch the vehicle during 2019 as the 2020 year model. We must take this into consideration as well. Well, the concept is already 4 years old and it will definitely take some serious modifications. Will the Solar Energi concept be the part of C-Max or another vehicle, we still don’t know. But, more info will be available during next year.