2019 Ford B-Max Review, Specs, Interior

The return of the 2019 Ford B-Max is not a big surprise. Although the discontinuation was announced for 2017, this model will have one more run before its replacement arrives. Well, the Ford Ecosport should take its place, but the Ecosport is a crossover. Although these two have many similarities, the Blue Oval company will remain in compact multi-purpose vehicle class for another season. This will alarm the competition.

Times change and even the mini MPV segment is no longer what it used to be. Thus, it would not be fair for the new 2019 Ford B-Max to say that it exclusively represents a car whose main purpose will be a commuting. It will progress in all directions, in order to boost comfort and infotainment. When talking about minivans, we usually touch the interior. Therefore, the supply of space and the functionality itself are excellent as always. Of course, this is for the model of B-Max dimensions.

2019 Ford B-Max front view

2019 Ford B-Max Design

With a length of just over four meters, the B-Max is longer than Fiesta. Well, the minivan is based on the hatchback. As Ford states, they created a car that fits perfectly into urban traffic conditions, without sacrificing comfort and space in the cabin. The key detail of the predecessor is an interesting rear door, with the lack of B pillars. Namely, the rear doors are sliding, which means that the opening gets a huge space (1.5 meters wide), due to the lack of a central pillar. The same system we will find on 2019 Ford B-Max.

2019 Ford B-Max side view


The 2019 Ford B-Max can take and transport even heavy objects, not only passengers. With this configuration, the question of security is raised … And can the deficiency of the B pillar be compensated? As Ford claims – can! Extremely strong steel is used, and the doors are perfectly integrated with the overall structure of the car. The result will secure the best possible ratings on EuroNCAP tests.

The rear bench comes with 60/40. When we fold it, the 2019 Ford B-Max gains almost 2,5 meters. Since the MPV is even higher than Fiesta, the tallest occupants will not have problems with the interior space and head-room. The driver’s position is higher than before. This is somehow normal for one car from the MPV segment. With certain customization, it brings many advantages. Above all, better transparency.

2019 Ford B-Max interior

2019 Ford B-Max Specs

Believe it or not, the most interesting drive unit is a three-cylinder gasoline engine. Although it does not sound logical, it is happening. An EcoBoost drivetrain boosts already extremely low emissions. It is also getting help from the Stop&Start system. Well, this unit is already old, being presented at the 2010 Car Show in Beijing. This three-cylinder combines direct fuel injection with turbocharger and variable valve diversion. Thanks to the innovation in creating this drive unit, consumption is reduced to a minimum. Well, performance is definitely not the strength of the 1.0-liter unit.

So, the 2019 Ford B-Max is getting reinforcements. These are two diesel units, a 1.4-liter, and 1.6-liter four-cylinder drivetrains.

2019 Ford B-Max rear view

2019 Ford B-Max Competition

Competition in the mini MPV segment is stronger than ever. That is the reason why Ford is bringing back the B-Max. Manufacturers are paying more attention to such models, and it has become almost usual for each newcomer to bring some innovations with them. With the 2019 Ford B-Max model, the biggest additions are yet to be announced. These will join lack of B pillars and excellent fuel economy.

The 2019 Ford B-Max is a minivan that comes out only in Europe. It is too small for the US, and Ford has other models in different markets, such as C-Max, Transit, or Galaxy MPVs.