2019 Fiat Doblo Redesign, Interior, Specs

The Doblo has been around for almost two decades and it is still one of the first choices among fleet vehicles. Of course, there have been a lot of changes during these years. The current model represents the second generation. It was introduced in 2010, but we also saw a major update in 2015. Since then, this model hasn’t changed much. The 2019 Fiat Doblo continues in the same way, featuring familiar layout. Of course, the exterior design is quite typical for the class. On the other side, the interior lack quality and refinement compared to the competition. Finally, a list of engines is pretty long and it is characterized predominately by quite efficient units. The 2019 Fiat Doblo came recently. It doesn’t feature too many changes compared to the previous year model. Therefore, the price has also remained the same.

2019 Fiat Doblo

2019 Fiat Doblo Redesign

As we already mentioned, the 2019 Fiat Doblo came without important changes. The overall design is very familiar and it is characterized by a typical van layout. The current generation has been on the market since 2010. Of course, there were some updates. The biggest one happened in 2015, where a lot of visual novelties have been introduced. Of course, highlights were at the front, things like new headlights, front fascia, bumper etc. The rear end also came with a couple of novelties. The 2019 Fiat Doblo features pretty much the same look like the model from four years ago. Considering the age and the fact that the current generation is about to receive a redesign soon, this seems natural. Allegedly, the next-generation model will come in a year or two.

2019 Fiat Doblo side view

2019 Fiat Doblo Interior

The cabin has also remained quite unchanged. The first thing you’ll notice inside this small van is that the overall quality definitely isn’t on par with most other models in the class. Most surfaces feature hard plastics, while the lack of storage areas and other practicality features is pretty obvious. Still, the thing about the quality definitely shouldn’t be taken as a drawback, considering that we are talking about a primary fleet vehicle. The dashboard features minimalistic, but quite nice design, without unnecessary features. Just a simple instrument cluster and a couple of easy-to-use controls.

Typically for a commercial vehicle, a list of standard equipment in base trims is extremely short. Practically, you want nothing more than radio in this case. Of course, things are better as you go through higher trim levels. Mid-range models are equipped with things like underfloor storage tray in the passenger seat, a driver’s armrest and overhead storage, improved sound isolation, power mirrors etc. Finally, better-equipped models add parking sensors, air conditioning, steering wheel-mounted controls, Bluetooth etc.

Still, the interior quality or list of standard equipment definitely aren’t the things that sell this vehicle. We are all aware of the model’s primary function, and it does it pretty well. Compared to most rivals, the is smaller. This makes it perfect for urban conditions, where it really shines. Thanks to a shorter wheelbase and smaller overall dimensions, it is a very maneuverable vehicle, definitely a class leader in this aspect, along with the Nissan NV200. Despite being smaller than most competitors, it still offers a quite decent amount of space and respectable payload capacity, which can go all away up to 2.500 pounds.

2019 Fiat Doblo Engines

One of the 2019 Fiat Doblo’s strong points is a wide palette of engines. Of course, the offers start with gasoline units.

Cheapest models are equipped with a 1.4-liter unit that delivers around 95 horsepower.

On some markets, Chrysler’s 2.4-liter unit with around 175 horsepower can be found as well.

Still, diesel fuel definitely seems like the better choice for commercial purposes.

The offer starts with a familiar 1.3-liter unit that delivers around 90 horsepower. It doesn’t make this van lighting fast but works quite well. It delivers great fuel economy and isn’t expensive for maintenance.

For quicker delivery, there is a bigger 1.6-liter unit, which comes in two output variants, with either 105 or 135 horsepower.

For those who don’t prefer diesel fuel but still want economical drive, a 1.4-liter adapted to CNG seems like a great solution. It is a proven engine that turned out to be quite reliable. A max output goes around 120 hp, which moves this van pretty quickly, even when fully loaded.
A manual transmission is a usual choice, though some engines are available with automatic transmission as well.

2019 Fiat Doblo rear view

2019 Fiat Doblo Verdict

The 2019 Fiat Doblo is a good choice if you are looking for a small cargo van. It delivers a pretty good ride quality, not to mention amazing fuel economy with most engines. Also, it is a quite affordable vehicle, with the starting price around 16.000 Euros. Of course, there are few drawbacks as well. Those usually refer to things like poor interior quality and a short list of standard and available features.