2019 Chevy Orlando Redline Edition, Price

The first update of the Chevrolet’s MPV for the East Asian market is almost here. The new 2019 Chevy Orlando is now more SUV-like, but it is still a minivan. Improvements inside and outside are obvious. Designers had a lot of work, but it pays off at the end. The vehicle is more aggressive, modern, and stylish. Now, General Motors is expecting from Orlando MPV to achieve better sales than its predecessor.

The look of an SUV will definitely help 2019 Chevy Orlando to draw the attention of more potential buyers. Its second generation is very attractive. However, the minivan is not going to be available in too many markets. At this moment, we know that MPV is appearing in China and a few other neighbor countries. We also expect it in Japan and Korea, while Australia and the Middle East are not likely destinations.

Also, the new generation of Orlando is using a new engine. It is a petrol unit. We believe that 2019 Chevy Orlando could also get a diesel, and even a hybrid powertrain. The Chinese market is growing, especially electric automotive industries, so we are seeing more and more vehicles in hybrid, PHEV, and EV variants there.

2019 Chevy Orlando

2019 Chevy Orlando Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2019 Chevy Orlando is a new petrol unit. The previous generation of the minivan used four-cylinder engines. Now, it is a straight-three mill. A 1.35-liter turbocharged displacement is capable to produce 156 hp or 116 kW. This is a brand-new Ecotec unit that GM will install in this minivan only. The engine sends power through a six-speed transmission. Buyers will choose if this one will be automatic or manual. Front-wheel drive is the only mode available for 2019 Orlando.

Diesel and Hybrid Minivan

Well, the first generation’s smallest unit was a 1.4-liter, while there were also 1.8-liter and 2.4-l displacements. Besides that, we had another choice with diesel engines. Now, the first wave of Orlando minivan is offering only a 1.35-l I3-T drivetrain. However, we are sure that the first major update will add more options, including diesel.

2019 Chevy Orlando side view

During the last couple of months, we could witness that companies are launching more and more hybrid and electric vehicles in China. This is becoming one of the most popular markets for such vehicles. Knowing that the 2019 Chevy Orlando could get such engine. The GM has a good base in Chevrolet Bolt, one of the most popular EVs in the market. With a range of 200 miles, this minivan would be the huge hit for any market, not only Chinese. If this happens, be sure the GM will soon bring Orlando to the United States.

2019 Chevy Orlando Redesign

When it entered the market, Orlando was an MPV. Now, after a big redesign and the new generation, we see the brand-new vehicles. It has more elements of an SUV, but the 2019 Chevy Orlando still remains the minivan. However, it can only get benefits of the new shape.

First of all, the 2019 Chevy Orlando replaced the old platform. Now, the compact MPV is longer. The redesign extended the length for 1.3 inches (32 mm), and the wheelbase for 1.4 inches. On the other hand, the new model is slightly narrower. Thanks to the usage of the new materials, the weight of the 2019 Orlando will drop.

The front fascia is definitely the highlight of the new generation. Still fresh, the 2019 Chevy Orlando is not going to change too many things there. The massive double grille is dominating up front. Air intakes are large and these fit perfectly under sporty LED headlights. The base model of the Orlando MPV will use 17-inch wheels. Upper trims will probably offer larger, 18-inchers. Back on the tail, the vehicle offers sporty LED lights and a spoiler.

2019 Chevy Orlando top view

2019 Chevy Orlando Redline Edition

If you are looking to upgrade your MPV, there is a special suite with cool features and parts for it. The 2019 Chevy Orlando Redline Edition comes with a lot of red accents, bowtie badges, and sporty upgrades. As the company chiefs stated, this model is going to attract younger buyers. Well, not only exterior but also interior will offer plenty of options. The Redline Edition brings the latest infotainment features. Better audio system and navigation as the standard equipment might be reasons why you should go after 2019 Orlando Redline.

2019 Chevy Orlando dashboard

2019 Chevy Orlando Release Date

The new model is coming in the first half of the next year. However, many things will depend on the development of hybrid and diesel units, since these will be major upgrades for 2019 Chevy Orlando. We also expect news about the release date in other markets. The MPV saw some interest in the UK. However, sales were not great. Now, it is blurry if the Orlando is coming there again. With the correction of the price, the minivan could get the future in Europe. But, starting at 22,000 pounds (25,000 euros; $29,000) there are cheaper or better alternatives, such as Citroen C4 Grand Picasso or Ford Grand C-Max.